Editing Services


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Since 2006, I have been helping writers and educators prepare their texts for publication.

Academic publications
Educational materials
Non-fiction manuscripts

Copy Editing

All of us need another set of eyes to catch confusing spelling and punctuation or to smooth out rough sentences. With copy editing, I polish your writing so that the only thing a reader notices are your ideas!

Developmental Editing

Sometimes a manuscript needs more substantive work. With developmental editing, I work closely with you on the structure of your text to organize and improve the flow of your ideas and to state your ideas more clearly.


Consistent formatting brings an extra polish to your writing. I can make sure that headings, paragraphs, references and citations, footnotes–all the small details–are formatted correctly and uniformly throughout.

Dissertation & Thesis Coaching

Having finished my own dissertation and helped others get across the finish line, I am familiar with the challenges in undertaking large research projects. As your coach, I will help you talk through the tough spots. Your ideas are worth sharing!

My challenge: when I spoke about my research my committee loved what I was discovering and could hear insights that others did not have in their research but they did not like my writing style or flow. I also have so much experience in [my topic] that I had a lot of assumptions that I was not expressing clearly. Adrienne was able to mine from our discussion the more natural flow of chapters and helped reshape.

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