Adrienne Jones Daly, Ph.D.

Welcome! I’m Adrienne (she/her). I have long been fascinated with words and with how language, culture, and communication are woven together.

Working with writers was a natural path to follow, and I love teaching, coaching, and guiding writers through the process of getting their ideas onto the page and into a final form. I also enjoy sharing and helping other teachers learn how to support their students in learning to write and writing to learn.

A language learner and linguist, I have experience working with and teaching language users and language learners from around the world. In all areas of my work, I am attentive to linguistic and cultural contexts and expectations, and I see linguistic diversity as a valuable asset. Not surprisingly, I am a staunch supporter of language rights and the beauty of dialects and language varieties.

Please feel free to check out my CV for further tidbits. Or just e-mail me or follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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